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A four day in-person intensive training program for newsrooms and BVI advisors with guest speakers from Sweden, France, and both coasts of the United States.

Guest Speakers

simon rogers headshot

Simon Rogers

Data Editor, Google (California)

marion bouchart headshot

Marianne Bouchart

Founder and Director, HEI-DA (France)

duncan geer headshot

Duncan Geere

Co-Founder, Loud Numbers (Sweden)

sarah toporoff headshot

Sarah Toporoff

Publishing Manager, Podinstall (France)

jeff mcspadden headshot

Jeff McSpadden

Co-Founder and CEO, Composure (New York)

chris kennedy headshot

Chris Kennedy

Assistant Director, Urban Systems Lab (New York)

Claudia Tomateo

Research Fellow, Urban Systems Lab (New York)

zef egan headshot

Zef Egan

Environmental Educator / Writer, Urban Systems Lab (New York)


Debra McGrory

Co-Founder, Sonify (Vermont)

Hugh McGrory

Co-Founder, Sonify (Vermont)

Courtney Bengtson

Courtney Bengtson

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Wichita Community Foundation (Kansas)

Ron Schuchard

PhD, FARVO, Executive Director, Envision Research Institute (Kansas)

Training held at Envision headquarters (Wichita, KS) September 14-17, 2021 with participating newsrooms and BVI advisors in attendance in-person as well as virtually online via Zoom.

Program Agenda

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021 

9:30amPartner Opening Remarks
10:00amSonify Program Overview (Sessions, Speakers, etc)
11:00amGuest Speaker: Duncan Geere, Co-Founder at Loud Numbers, a data sonification podcast (Sweden)
2:00pmGuest Speaker: Urban Systems Lab / Resilience Quarterly, a data- driven research lab (New York)  
3:00pmGeneral Discussion

Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021 

10:00amSarah Toporoff, Publisher Manager at Podinstal, a podcast broadcasting technology (France) 
11:00amSonify Session: Data-Driven Storytelling Workshop #1 
2:00pmBVI Accessibility Panel
3:00pmGeneral Discussion

Thursday, September 16, 2021 

9:30amSonify Session: Data-Driven Storytelling Workshop #2 
11:00am Listening Session: Newsrooms Present Projects
2:00pmListening Session Feedback
3:00pm Guest Speaker: Jeff McSpadden, Composure (New York) Sounds and Layers of Attention

Friday, September 17, 2021 

9:30amPartner Opening Remarks
10:00amSonify Program Overview (Sessions, Speakers, etc)
9:30amGuest Speaker: Marianne Bouchart, Founder and Director at HEI-DA (France), Sonification and Journalism: How Sound Helps Us Relate to the Numbers
11:00amGuest Speaker: Simon Rogers, Data Editor at Google News, Sonification and Data Journalism 
2:00pmProject Website Walkthrough & Accessibility Feedback
3:00pmGeneral Discussion

The first training program was held in January 2021 and delivered online by the Sonify team.

Participating newsrooms received guided walkthroughs of Open Data portals and  hands-on demonstrations of building sonifications with TwoTone including advanced features for filtering and narration.

Training Session #1: Wednesday, January 20, 2021

1:30pmExamples of Sonification
2:30pmFinding Data and Using Open Data Portals

Training Session #2: Thursday, January 21, 2021

2:00pmExamining and preparing your data. Cleaning a Data Set
3:00pmBuilding a data sonification project with TwoTone

Training Session #3: Friday, January 22, 2021

1:30pmAdvanced features of TwoTone – filtering data, etc.
2:30pmAdding narration and additional audio