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Sean Jones

Communication Specialist, Wichita Public Library

Sean Jones

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 Sean Jones oversees all marketing, communications and public relations initiatives for the Wichita Public Library.

Sean Jones oversees all marketing, communications and public relations initiatives for the Wichita  Public Library. He works closely with each Library division to promote programs, resources and  services across the entire library system. His primary duties include communication with the  City Manager’s Office, City Council, District Advisory Boards and other key stakeholders, media  relations, social media management, graphic design, campaign implementation, content  creation, and internal communication with staff. 

Sean received his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Wichita State University. He  worked for the university’s newspaper, ​The Sunflower, ​as the Advertising Manager. He began  working for the City of Wichita in July 2015 as the Digital Arts Coordinator at CityArts,  bringing communications efforts under his belt soon after. In 2017, Sean assumed the role of  Programming Director at CityArts, managing all classes, instructors and program offerings. He  began at the Library in February 2019. 

Since Sean started, he has worked to streamline and manage content on all social media  platforms, introduced an Instagram account, provided marketing support for several  community-wide programs (including two Big Read programs), created workflows for  marketing and communication needs, and strengthened media relations with newsrooms  around the City. 

Part of Sean’s role is working closely with the City Communications office on initiatives as they  arise. In fall of 2020, Sean oversaw a community-wide campaign to gather feedback for the  Downtown Streets project, which gathered resident feedback about the future layout and  functions of downtown’s street corridor. He also provides staff support to the Wichita Public Library Board of Directors, Friends of the Wichita Public Library and the Wichita Public Library  Foundation.